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Daily Meditation

The Shadow Self

Carl Jung described the shadow self as that part of ourselves that we attempt to deny – that we cast into the shadows of our own psyche or being.

The act of denying or hiding a quality from myself can actually strengthen it inside of me. There are also positive aspects of myself that I sit on, my unlived lives, or qualities that I wish to allow myself, but can’t for some reason: something gets in the way of my free expression. When I don’t allow myself these, I may feel jealous of someone who enjoys and expresses them because secretly I wish to do the same. Owning and exploring my own shadow requires that I be willing to know myself fully. When I deny parts of myself, I deny soul along with them because soul functions in all of me. When I bring my shadowy depths to a conscious level, I release the energy of my soul and my personality operates more efficiently and effectively.

I am willing to open my eyes to me.

Knowing your darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people.

Carl Jung

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