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Daily Meditation

An Empty Place Inside

I have an empty place inside, a God-shaped hole that seeks to be filled. This hole is meant to be filled with the energy and electricity of soul. If I do not fill it with soul, I will fill it with anything that is available, attempting to incorporate people and experiences within myself so that I will not feel empty.

Soul is present in people and activities. Allowing myself to have the experience that lies at my fingertips is a simple but profound path to soul growth. If soul is incorporated in all that lives, then all that lives is incorporated in soul, and inuring myself to the life that surrounds me inures me to my life within. Until these fears or holes are felt in the present moment, come to terms with and understood for what they are, I will not realize how near at hand the solution lies.

All that surrounds me is imbued with soul.

Earth’s crammed with heaven

And every common bush afire with God:

but only he who sees takes off his shoes.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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