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Daily Meditation

Dispassionate Observation

When I gain detachment from my own thinking process, I am able to be separate from my own obsessive and neurotic thinking. I can watch my thoughts in a dispassionate manner. I can be a witness to my own emotional and mental processes. When I cultivate this habit of mind, I am provided with a wonderful opportunity to learn about what makes me tick. Getting lost in every thought I have leads me away from self. There is no greater teacher than that of my own internal witness. When I look at the way in which I think, I can begin to self-define; to separate from who I have been programmed to be and make choices as to who I wish to become.

I witness my thought process.

We dis-identify by observing. Instead of being absorbed by sensations, feelings, desires, thoughts, we observe them objectively without judging them, without interfering with them in any way. We see them as distinct from us, as if we were looking at a landscape. We calmly observe these psychic arabesques from a detached viewpoint.
Piero Ferrucci

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