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Daily Meditation

Daily Worship

I am conscious of living with the divine. I need go nowhere special to access spiritual light and wisdom, to experience eternity. Each moment of my day is alive with spiritual energy because the particles carrying that energy are present in all that lives. I could not get away from this even if I wanted to. Whether or not I am aware of it, this truth still exists. If I wish to grow and learn spiritual lessons, I will start by paying attention to my thoughts, my feelings, the circumstances of my day and the state of my personal relationships.

My temple of worship is within me.

Normal life is compatible with supreme realization and
… direct mystical contact with the Divine and can be
sustained in any setting or activity. This is a revolution,
for it dissolves all dogmas and hierarchies, all separations
between ordinary and spiritual life, sacred and
profane, humdrum and mystical. A new spiritual age
has dawned for humankind, an age in which the
Divine will be present intimately, normally, consciously
in all things and activities.

Andrew Harvey

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