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Daily Meditation

The Light Within

I see soul as the center of my existence. At the center of my being and in the center of my heart there is light, love and divine spirit. I know and feel that I am tapped into an infinite source of spiritual energy. It allows me to see life as more than just a collection of random circumstances. When I turn my back on this energy of light, I live in relative darkness. Life seems meaningless and uninspired. It is light that gives definition, shape and form. It allows me to see the beauty that surrounds me.

I have divine light within me.

If one considers oneself or one’s life as a wheel in which there are spokes and then there is a central hub. then in the life without the divine, the ego is that hub. and all the spokes, the relationships and the events that happen are important or unimportant insofar as they affect the ego. We’re hurt, we’re angry, In act. If one lives in the divine presence and dirplacer at the bub, his ego for God or for the Divine, then what happens to him is now related to that hub.
Rabbi Samuel Drexel

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