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Daily Meditation


I will anchor my life in what cannot be seen. By going deep within myself, I will connect with the beyond and brush the hand of God. To realize deeper and deeper layers of consciousness is the work of a lifetime. It will keep me young and alive and in tune.

I am anchored from within.

Thus, self-realization is not a fashionable experiment but the highest task an individual can undertake. For himself, it means the possibility of an anchor in what is indestructible and imperishable, in the primordial nature of the objective psyche. By self-realization he returns to the eternal stream in which birth and death are only stations of passage and the meaning of life no longer resides in the ego. Towards others it raises up within him the tolerance and kindness that is only possible in those who have explored and consciously experienced their own darkest depths. Toward the collectivity, its special value is that it can offer society a fully responsible individual who knows the obligation of the particular to the general from his own most personal experience, the experience of his own psychic brutality.
J. Jacobi, The Psychology of C. G. Jung

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