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Daily Meditation

Unity in Diversity

I recognize the soul in others. I look past the superficial qualities that seem to separate us. Though we are different on the surface, in education, looks, position and power, one thing within each of us is the same – our humanness. Some are more in touch with this than others. Those who are better humans perhaps are more fully aware of their own divine natures. When they can know this, their life means something – their humanness is an expression of the divine. These vehicles of body and mind are what we were given to search out our own lessons and to grow through life. I will be a better human today through being a better soul.

I look past the surface.

If you have lived about, you have lost that sense of the absoluteness and the sanctity of the habits of your fellow-patriots which once made you so happy in the midst of them. You have seen that there are a great many patriae in the world, and that each of these is filled with excellent people.
Henry James

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