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Daily Meditation

This World

This world is splendid enough for me today. Everywhere I look, there is splendor and magic. Where am I when I miss this, when I walk by this deep and quiet beauty without even noticing? Today I will consciously cultivate a state of mind that sees; an openness to life. I will do what I need to do by getting enough rest, good food, quiet and exercise so that I do not have to spend my life recuperating from the day before. I will take proper care of myself so that I can see and appreciate beauty. Ignoring myself is not selfless. I am as important as anyone else.

I will look after myself.

If my soul could get away from this so-called prison, be granted all the list of attributes generally bestowed on spirits, my first ramble on spirit-wings would not be among the volcanoes of the moon. Nor should I follow the sunbeams to their sources in the sun. I should hover about the beauty of our own good star. And I should go to the very center of our globe and read the whole splendid page from the beginning.
John Muir

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