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Daily Meditation

Combinatory Play

I will play with ideas. I will look at them from a variety of perspectives, examine them from all sorts of points of view. I will pull on them, test them, throw them up in the air and wait to see how they land. I will combine and recombine them, shuffle them and test them to see if they hold up under pressure. I will scatter them all over the floor and notice which parts of them leap out at me and which ones fade away. I will reinvent the wheel every so often just to stay in shape – just for the fun of it. I will use my mind and soul as a playground for ideas, my ideas. I will spin them like a top and let them go – throw them out like a boomerang and see if they will return. I will play.

I act as an incubator of ideas.

Einstein believed “combinatory play” to be… “the essential feature in productive thought – before there is any connection with logical construction and words or other kinds of signs which can be communicated to others. ” The underlying thesis here is that combinatory play leads to the “eventual establishment of a new perspective. “

Christopher Bollas 

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