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Daily Meditation


I find that I often overschedule and overplan my life. The result is that I feel behind the eight ball. I feel stressed, as if I don’t have time to do the things I like to do or see the people I want to see. My mental state grows pressured and somewhat agitated. This is cyclical. I do too much because I fear empty time. I get stressed out, forget to take care of myself and therefore feel empty inside – then I do too much again in an attempt not to feel empty or to calm my growing anxiety. When I feel this cycle getting engaged today, I will reassess. I will pause, calm down and remember that taking care of myself is an important priority. Part of taking care of myself is allowing myself time to rest and refuel. This gives soul time to enter my day. Taking good care of myself allows me to fill up from within and appreciate what I do and have, rather than what I have to do.

I can let go of excessive activity.

We are truly indefatigable in providing for the needs of the body, but we starve the soul.

Ellen Wood

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