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Daily Meditation

Being an Artist 

I will be an artist today and speak what is my innermost truth, share what is in my mind and heart. An artist’s job is both to reflect and lead. It is only when I am willing to be honest that I am close to my own art. Art is not about being right. If it were, I would never create. I will decode life in my own way today and express myself as me.

I will be me.

Nobody really knows why we’re here, obviously. There

are big pieces missing from the pictures offered us by science

and religion. Based on our present knowledge, the

whole thing simply doesn’t make sense. But what’s so

wonderful is that we want it to make sense. and our

need for meaning drives us relentlessly to create. Cave

paintings, totem poles, villages, cathedrals-it is a

never-ending process. Sometimes I think we have become

the creative gods and goddesses of our myths and dreams.

If we do have a purpose, maybe it is to join with the evolutionary

process through our complex artistic creation.

Our stories and poems and lasers are as significant as

diamonds or gold or angelfish.

Anne Rice

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