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Daily Meditation

A Quiet Love of Life

I love my life today. Waking up, enjoying my morning rituals, easing into my day – all of these little moments provide a pleasant and comfortable entry into morning. Today it is enough just to be alive, just to be here. The richest part of my life is spent in my own mind. The contents of my thoughts and the feeling states they evoke are precious to me, they hold me in an inner world of pleasure and beauty. My soul is with me today. It is here with my morning coffee, the paper, the sunlight streaming through the window, a scattered pile of papers. My soul is not far away and separate – it is the very energy that fuels my thoughts, that moves my hand.

Soul is a daily thing.

Lord, my mind is not noisy with desires,

and my heart has satisfied its longing.

I do not care about religion or anything that is not you.

I have soothed and quieted my soul, like a child at its mother’s


My soul is as peaceful as a child sleeping in its mother’s arms.

Psalm 131

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