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Daily Meditation

Faith in My World

I am part of an exciting period in history. Those who have given up on the world are not seeing what I am seeing. I see spirit at work. I see deep world cleansing. I see people who are more aware and willing to look at themselves and society. The barricades that used to divide countries and people are falling along with rigid and repressive methods of controlling people. This is a world in flux, moving toward something better.

I will have faith in my world.

This spiritual urge is undeniable. From the beginning of human history, we have been embarked on a search for transcendent meaning. It is as if we were genetically coded to believe that there is a greater force and mystery framing our lives. Which is why the next great improvement in the human condition will occur not through a millennial faith in technology but by uncovering a new, more spiritually satisfying notion of “progress.” one that requires a vertical leap of faith, a leap in our inner development. The answer is not to ignore these issues in schools and institutions. It is to fling open the doors.

Norman Lear 

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