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Daily Meditation

Being Divine

I will look within for my own soul. I will not wait to be told, sold, led or given permission to connect with my own individual soul. I will take my own opportunity to connect and that opportunity is now! Who owns the spirit? No one. Spirit and soul belong to everyone equally.

I accept my fair share of the divine.

When science and religion see themselves as separate.
they ask people to make a fundamental split within
themselves between their spiritual selves and their physical
selves. Splitting off in this way makes the world feel
senseless and meaningless. It removes us from the inner
belief that we are contained within an allied system,
part of it, one with what it is intrinsically made up of.
This point of view mortifies the flesh and glorifies the
Divine, but gives us no sense of direct access to the
Divine, that is, without an intermediary we are incapable
of finding our own souls. The tragedy of this is
that if we do not first look within ourselves for soul, we
will never find it.
Matthew Fox

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