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Daily Meditation


When I was a child, I sometimes felt overwhelmed by situations that I felt were out of control and so, as a childhood defense, I may have repressed the feelings, such as fear, anger or hurt, associated with particular experiences because I felt I could not cope with them in any other way. When, as an adult, feelings from the past get triggered by a present-day circumstance, I can be confused by my own reaction. I can have a hard time feeling these emotions as an adult because in addition to triggering the repressed feeling, the fear and terror from childhood associated with the feeling also get triggered. Then, I scare myself all over again. This is one way in which my past can negatively impact my present. Today I will pay attention to what is being triggered within me that may have been repressed at an earlier time in my life.

I will examine repressed material.

A poorly extinguished fire is quickly re-ignited.

Corneille Setorius


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