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Daily Meditation

Asking for Help

I can accomplish a lot in life if I am willing to ask for help. The psychological and emotional position of asking for help humbles and opens me up to new learning; it automatically lowers my defenses.

On a spiritual level, the words “seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you” describe an inner reaching toward something beyond the temporal experience, an acknowledgment of forces beyond the illusion of reality. Asking for help on this level connects me with the quantum physical level or the mind of God; it allows spirit to work in my life. There are forces beyond my vision that are alive and operational. Asking for help invites them to work in my life. It moves me from my stuck position so that I can open up to change. It promotes a shift in my awareness.

I can and will ask for help.

Faith – is the pierless bridge supporting what we see

Unto the scene that we do not.


Emily Dickinson

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