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Daily Meditation


Today I will see miracles in ordinary living. I will train my eye and my inner vision to notice the wondrous and mystical world that surrounds me. Why do I need proof of eternity and the essential creative power of the universe – can’t I perceive it by holding, in my hand, just one flower; or by watching the sun disappear behind the horizon, or rising to the song of birds? Living itself is a miracle. When I learn to see the miraculous that is a part of the world I live in, I will find it easier to allow soul to be alive within me. Nothing less than this would be in tune with this alive universe in which I live.

I will see miracles in ordinary life.

Why, who makes much of a miracle?

As to me, I know of nothing else but miracles,

Whether I walk the streets of Manhattan,

Or dart my sight over the roofs of houses toward the sky…

Every cubic inch of space is a miracle,

Every square yard of the surface of the earth

Is spread with the same.

Walt Whitman

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