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Daily Meditation


True grief will cleanse my soul. I will trust it and allow it to do its healing work. Nature has built a mechanism into me for releasing emotional pain – I know that experiencing my feelings is the surest and quickest way in and out of the pain. I will not be at war with my own insides, asking them to hide from me, creating an inner person that I don’t want anyone to see. The person that I pretend to hide from the world, I am really hiding from me. Today I know that there is no need for that – what I keep in hiding only grows in strength, what I let go of will set me free. When I cry, I release enzymes from my body. It is a chemical release, nature’s way of letting pain leave me. I will not deny myself the benefit of this inner physician.

Tears cleanse my soul.

Where praise already is the only place grief ought to go, that water spirit of the pools of tears; she watches over our defeats to make sure the water rises clear from the same rock.

Rainer Maria Rilke

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