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Daily Meditation


I can see anger as information for me in getting to know my own personality. Anger can be seen as energy, energy that can be used to motivate self-affirming action. For instance, if I am angry that I am being left out of a situation by my employer, strolling into the employer’s office and getting mad is only going to exacerbate the problem. The anger can be used to inform me that I am not happy with the situation, and the energy from the anger can propel me into taking an action on my own behalf. The action may have apparently little to do with the anger. It may be doing something, some bit of work unusually well, or bringing to the employer’s attention something that I accomplished. In that case, anger is motivating me to take action that will be constructive. The energy from the anger is being used to further my cause, to help to position myself in a way that will feel better to me.

I will use my anger constructively.

He who doesn’t know anger doesn’t know anything.

He doesn’t know the immediate.


Henri Michaux

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