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Daily Meditation

Personal Power

I can do a great deal to impact my world for the better without making major lifestyle changes. I recognize that this world will change only when the people in it change. It is people who have the power to destroy or save this planet. Today I resolve to channel my personal power toward good, to open myself to be worked through and with. The world in which I live is my world, it is all that I have. If I see myself as powerless, it will only depotentiate me and make me feel impotent. That is a position I choose not to take today.

I am not a victim.

There are three areas of activity in which we can contribute: in our actions, we can reduce our contribution to destruction through altering our consumption habits, our waste, our choices and our way of working; in our behaviour, we can love ourselves more, and treat others as we would have them treat us; and in our inner life, we can visualise world solutions, work on ourselves to become clearer and more open and phase out negative beliefs – such as the anticipation of catastrophe.

The Only Planet of Choice

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