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Daily Meditation

Inner Life

I am a container of soul energy; as much as the sun, the leaves and the flowers, I, too, grow and express life. Nature lives within me and I within nature. Soul is inseparable from life and I am a part of life. There is nothing in this universe that is not alive and teeming with neurons. There is no state of non-life, only a state of shutdown. I can choose not to experience life, but life will go on being alive nonetheless. Experiencing it is a subtle shift, a letting in, the opening of an inner door. There is a world within me waiting to be experienced. Today I will allow myself to open to the door and say yes.

I experience a subtle shift within me.

And are those your songs that are echoing in the dark caves of my being? Who but you can hear the hum of the crowded hours that sounds in my veins to-day, the glad steps that dance in my breast, the clamour of the restless life beating its wings in my body?

Rabindranath Tagore

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