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Daily Meditation

Day-at-a-Time Living

Sometimes I see life as holding only a limited amount of satisfying activities. I feel that if I do not do them all in the same month, gobble them all down in the same year, they will be gone. Living a day at a time sees that I cannot be in two places at once. Setting priorities or doing only the amount of activity that is comfortable has no bearing on what will be available in the future. All that it really means is that by the time the future comes, I will be able to be in it in the same way I am in the present, that I will not have burnt myself out with anxiety, worry and unnecessary stress. All I can really live in is this moment. If I miss it, it will be gone; it will have meant nothing. If I live it, it can give me all the life contained within it and I will have it as a feeling memory to carry within me. I can only be here now – a flight from the moment is a flight from myself.

I live one day at a time.

Every creative act requires elimination and simplification. Simplification results from a realization of what is essential.

Hans Hoffmann

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