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Daily Meditation

Living the Life That Suits Me

What I have to offer is unique, and the satisfaction of pursuing it is all I need for a soul growth experience. Soul in this sense is completely personal. It is my engagement with the process of self-expansion that develops soul and brings it into my day-to-day living. Years ago I had a friend who lived a somewhat nonconventional life, particularly for the times. When I pursued this with him, he said, “I go to a tailor to order a suit, instead of buying it off the rack so that I can get it to fit me perfectly. The arms are the right length. The shape suits my body and I choose the material and the cut that looks best on me. That’s how I live my life. I tailor it to suit me. I live the life that fits me, that I can move about in easily, that feels the most comfortable.”

Living the life that fits me, that is carefully tailored to my own personal inner form will, like a tailored jacket, last longer, wear out slower and look the best because it was designed especially for me.

I tailor my life to my own shape.

The heaven of each is but what each desires.
Thomas Moore

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