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Daily Meditation


I will worship the divine nature of life. Life and beauty show themselves to me all the time. I see evidence of God every time I turn my head or look within the magnificence of my own soul. All the hours of my day are opportunities to experience soul at work in the world. In fact, this is where I wish to learn to identify soul – in an uncommon/common gesture from someone, in the play of a child, in the kindness of another person. Today I will look for opportunities to notice soul energy in the circumstances that surround me, and I will create opportunities to let the soul within me express itself.

Worship is an everyday thing.

Some keep the Sabbath going to Church –

I keep it, staying at home – to Church –

With a Bobolink for a chorister –

And an orchard, for a dome –

… so instead of getting to Heaven, at last –

I’m going, all along.

Emily Dickinson

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