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Daily Meditation

The Balanced Moment

Today I look for balance in my thinking and my living. Soul is present in the balanced moment. I do not need to look for soul experience in every hot and promising gimmick. Why should I look outside myself for something that exists within me? Why should I continually set myself up for disappointment by giving away my power, by assigning more meaning and life to the promise of a future experience than to the actual experience that I am engaged in right now? Soul is present in me, it is made manifest through me. I will be still and wait for the experience of soul.

I trust soul’s presence within me.

Anything carried to an extreme kills itself by being clever and promising magic. In man’s effort to understand man, it is foolhardy to look for the complete answer. It does not exist. A new religion comes over the horizon every year and promises salvation to those who would believe… I see change as a point that one strives toward but never gets to.

Thomas F. Fogarty, M.D.

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