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Daily Meditation

The All-Soul

I tune in to the soul shared by the universe. I am made of the same soul stuff that the All-Soul is made of; therefore tuning into one is tuning into the other. I have universes of knowledge and wisdom at my fingertips. Like having access to vast computer systems of information from my home, I have access to an all-soul from my own soul. All that is required is sitting and waiting and being willing. I am connected to something greater than myself, part of a universe of wonder. Knowing this gives me an invisible source of strength.

I tune into the All-Soul.

It is an everywhere unity that applies both to soul itself

and its various functions. Only the all-soul could have

thought or knowledge; to localize thought is to recognize

the separate existence of the individual soul.

But… the soul is a rational soul, by the very same title

by which it is an all-soul, and is called the rational

soul, in the sense of being a whole.


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