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Daily Meditation

Fully Alive

There is nothing that is not alive with soul energy, and so, hiding from soul is only an illusion. It is like shutting my eyes in a room filled with light and thinking that the light does not exist. Soul is here, now, laced into all that is, was or ever will be.

I let go and float down the timeless river of soul.

We had the idea that the human was somehow separate from the universe and the scientist would view his or her work as observing the universe from afar… This was actually part of the scientific chemist, the experiences of the human were of a lower order of reality compared to the position of particles. Now we can’t hold that dualism any more… From the very beginning, in a sense, the universe was poised to bring forth life, so our existence here can’t be seen as something that’s alien. And, furthermore, our own deep experiences, the realm of the psyche, the soul, the feelings of the human, this too is as much a part of the universe as the stars are or the gravitational interaction. It is a primary illustration of the underlying order of the universe.

Brian Swimm, The Soul and the Universe

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