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Daily Meditation

Deus Ex Machina

The ancient Greeks understood our human desire to have a force from above enter our lives, and make sense of the non-sensical. But when I want to find one solution to happiness, I miss the day-to-day experience of living. There is no solution. There is only the process. Wanting an answer puts me at risk of chasing false gods in attempts to locate the soul and find meaning. I will not fall victim to such empty solutions. I will understand that life is meant to be lived, not solved. When I get lost in compulsive thinking and activity, I will take it as a signal that I need to slow down and center myself.

I will not accept quick fixes as a substitute for life.

The world stands out on either side

No wider than the heart is wide

Above the world is stretched the sky

No higher than the soul is high

But east and west will pinch the heart

That cannot keep them pushed apart

And he whose soul is flat

The sky will cave in on him by and by.

Edna St. Vincent Millay

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