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Daily Meditation

The Void

I will enter willingly the state of inner emptiness. I will sit and wait, embrace the silence, welcome the void. The void that I sit in is potentially rich and alive – to avoid it would be to avoid a mystical moment. A visit into a realm beyond. Even the beyond is only a deeper level of the here. The more I can penetrate the illusion that surrounds me, the closer I get to luminescence, to energy, to soul. I will find myself in the oblivion that I fear. I will walk into what feels like nothing and encounter something. I will risk knowing and not knowing.

I embrace the void.

If there were not an utter and absolute dark

Of silence and sheer oblivion

At the core of everything,

How terrible the sun would be,

How ghastly it would be to strike a match,

And make a light.

But the very sun himself is pivoted

Upon the core of pure oblivion.

D. H. Lawrence

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