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Archetypes of Sex and Love Addiction

I have been working the addiction field long enough to see both the commonalities of my clients and the vast difference and individualities of each one.  One of the leading experts in trauma and addiction therapy, Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S, authored clinical vignettes summarizing the most common ways people develop an out-of-balance relationship with themselves that includes sexuality issues.  I really liked these because they not only include the challenges faced, but also the most common route to help.  Take a look…do you recognize any of these people?


Always Ready: Gary Gay ‘Pride’

The Double Life:  Successful Steve

Sex on the Brain:  Porn-Obsessed Paul

How to Decide, Wife or Mistress:  Frank the Philanderer

All the Wrong Places:  Professional Pete

No Limits:  Reputation Ronald

Trauma Survivor:  Sammy Sleaze


Dying for Love:  Lucy the Love Addict

Risky Business:  Dora Danger Girl

The Horny Housewife:  Suzy Soccer Mom

The Empty Nest:  Connie Cougar

All or Nothing:  Betty Binger

13th Step:  Rita Relapser

Bad Boys:  Penny the Party Girl

Over the Borderline:  Narcissist Nancy

NOTE:  While I identify with these descriptions, none of the content here is mine or is taken from actual client data, nor is similarity to any of the profiles here a diagnosis of any kind.  The information posted here is purely for educational purposes.  For a confidential assessment in the Bay Area, contact me.

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