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Daily Meditation

Meditation in Action

I will allow myself to have a simple relationship with activities, so that they may become a meditation in action. When thoughts arise throughout this process that seem to be demanding my attention, rather than give them attention and energy, I will not further feed them; instead, I will allow them to pass by, simply observing them and letting them go. I will try to get a sense of the transparent quality of thought and action in my life. I live from a deep place within me. I take an action but I am not the action. I have a thought but I am not the thought. I am something deeper and more constant.

I am aligned with an invisible life force.

The joy inherent in simplicity… here is not pleasurable

in the ordinary sense but is an ultimate and fundamental

sense of freedom… therefore, the attitude one

brings to meditation practice should be very simple, not

based upon trying to collect pleasure or avoid pain.

Rather, meditation is a natural process, working on the

material of pain and pleasure as the path.

Chogyam Trungpha

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